Over 50% of video views are on a mobile device.

We create video content designed for these platforms.

Increasing numbers of people are consuming branded video content on a mobile device.

We increase a brand’s reach and engagement by creating videos that are specifically designed for mobile consumption.

Vertical and ‘square’ videos are the future and enhance the user experience by not having to rotate a screen. We can even optimised the sound for mobile too.

Nemorin Creative Film & Video will take care of the whole process, including shooting video content specifically for vertical or square formats, as well as re-versioning existing content where possible.

Why is this important?

  • Re-version 16×9/widescreen video into mobile optimised content.
  • Audiences are extremely receptive
  • Increases audience reach, engagement and conversion
  • Better user experience
  • Great for live-streaming
  • Brilliant for Animation & Motion Graphics
  • Works well for Filmed content too

'Vertical' format

'Square' format

Business Insider's view:

Credit: Businessinsider.com

2017 Showreel

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